Esther Joy King

As a JAG officer in the U.S. Army Reserve, Captain Esther Joy King is battle-ready and prepared to take on the tough challenge of winning this seat and taking back the House. She believes one-party rule is destroying America, that Democrats have broken their promises to govern from the center, and she opposes the massive liberal spending spree that has started an inflationary death spiral – raising prices on everything from gas to groceries.

Growing up on the U.S.-Mexico border, raised by Christian Missionary parents in Juarez, Esther has seen firsthand what terrible border policies can do to people on both sides of the border. She strongly opposes Democrat-led efforts to open our borders.

As an aid worker in Kabul, Afghanistan, her passion for democracy and human rights grew and still burns brightly today. She stands proudly for American Exceptionalism, economic freedom, and the belief that America ought to lead rather than apologize. Esther’s varied life experiences have formed her into the battle-ready leader we need to bring home the win for Republicans in IL-17.