Meagan Hanson

Meagan comes from humble beginnings – her father worked in construction and her mother was a
teacher. Meagan’s working-class childhood taught her the value of a good education and the need for grit, not government, to succeed.

She worked her way through college, and it was in law school where her dedication to help families like her own was born, choosing to study family law so she could do everything she can to protect children.

From a young age, Meagan has led on the frontline of the conservative movement, working on the grassroots level and running local and state Republican organizations. But when her community was unhappy with their representation at the state level, Meagan stepped up to run for public office for the first time.

Despite facing a tough primary field and taking on a popular and well-funded Democrat incumbent, Meagan won.

Meagan has since taken on the fight to protect our court system from liberal activists. She’s fighting to
help families keep more of their money, stop the clogging of the court system, and protect people and small businesses from frivolous lawsuits. Additionally, Meagan has taken on the charge to prevent courtpacking and keep our judicial system in line with the Constitution.

Meagan Hanson is running for Congress to stop liberals at every turn – to defeat tax increases, to reduce
government’s footprint on our daily lives, and to make sure families are safe and secure, both financially and in their neighborhoods.

Meagan, her husband David, and their two young children live in north Sandy Springs.