Zach Nunn

Zach Nunn and his family have a track-record of serving with action, and delivering results for the country. Zach is a combat veteran, three deployments to Operations ENDURING FREEDOM, and IRAQI FREEDOM, and a commander leading forces in battle. He served as Chief of Operations for counter-intelligence in Russia and China, helped forge national security policy on the White House’s National Security Council.

Still, in his Iowa hometown, he’s just Zach. The same hard worker who helped his grandfather on their six-generation small family farm. He’s the son of a math teacher and operating room nurse. Their family built a modest life based on faith, working for what you earn, and helping others. 

Zach is a grateful husband and devoted father. He and his wife, Kelly, have four kids, and when called upon, foster two more. Together, Kelly and Zach own and operate a small business serving their hometown community. 

When government stopped caring about his community, Zach ran for office – and won a seat in the Legislature – beating an entrenched Democrat incumbent by 12%. Zach stuck to his principles: leading and passing Iowa’s largest tax-cut for working families, protecting second amendment rights for Iowans, and delivering Iowa as the “#1 Best Managed” state in the country, with a vibrant economic forecast and rainy day surplus in the state’s budget.

Zach’s record, as Majority Whip and Chairman as a Representative (Judiciary) and Senator (International Relations), resulted in the passage of meaningful legislation improving the lives of Iowans, and holding Federal bureaucrats accountable. Zach is committed to fighting for our values, which is why he’s running for Congress.

Zach is running on a record of action. Amassing approximately 700-combat hours flying with the US Air Force, he received the “Aircrew of the Year” Award for lifesaving air support to US Special Operations ambushed by 2,000 Taliban insurgents—ensuring every American made it home alive.  The recipient of multiple “Air Medals” and the “Defense Meritorious Service Medal” for operations across six theaters of combat, he was also awarded the “National Intelligence Service Medallion” from the Director of National Intelligence for actions taken to protect critical cybersecurity systems.